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Room options

We offer four types of rooms that meet all your needs. Our vat included deluxe, semi-deluxe, standard double, standard twin rooms come with walk-in shower, exclusive bathroom products, cozy beds, complimentary tea and water, 32″ TV with over 80 channels, Free, Fast WiFi.



Located in an interesting part of Ulaanbaatar, our hotel will provide you with comfortable, high quality and friendly service.

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Our advantage

Comfortable safety, quiet environment, friendly staff and quality service will be our advantage.


Our restaurant has a capacity of 50-60 people and service Mongolian, European and Mexican food prepared by a master chef.


VIP Rooms

We offer a luxury rooms for 20 people who can have a business meeting or a birthday party.



Our karoake is served in simple and VIP rooms with the latest equipment.



Our hotel offers a safe adventure travel program just for you.

Symptoms of coronavirus

A person infected with the virus can develop mild to severe respiratory illnesses, such as the common cold. In addition to runny nose, cough, sore throat, and headache, fever may last for several days. Pneumonia and bronchitis are more common in immunocompromised children,the elderly and young children. The number of people infected with the new coronavirus is now 835, and the number of deaths is 25.Official reports say that the number of infected people is several times higher.

Even if the Mongolian border is opened, foreign tourists will not be able to come

Tourism is a sector that has collapsed due to the pandemic. Despite the embargo and the opening of air borders to some countries, it will not be possible to receive a large number of foreign tourists in the next 1-2 years. This is because Mongolia has been declared an international high-risk area. Therefore, foreign tourists are concerned about Covid-19 infection while traveling.

The regulations approved by the State Special Commission state that a person who has received a full dose of the pandemic vaccine may come to Mongolia.